Maritime Accidents, Injury and Wrongful Death

The maritime industry continues to have one of the highest injury rates of any industry in the United States. Seamen work long hours under the most difficult conditions—rolling seas, darkness, frigid cold—sometimes with worn out or primitive equipment. Serious injuries at sea present challenges. Companies may provide limited medical care onboard and emergency services can be days away. Sadly, too many maritime workers lose their lives while working at sea.

Attorney Corrie Yackulic has successfully represented deckhands, factory workers, galley crew, and shipboard engineers in major injury and wrongful death cases against fishing companies and their insurers. Her goal is always to attain the best possible results for her clients:

$2.1 Million settlement on behalf of a deck hand who sustained a life-altering crush injury during a haulback on a fish processor in the Bering Sea. To read news coverage of this case, click here.

$1.1 Million settlement on behalf of the family of a fisherman who lost his life when the F/V Katmai sank in the Bering Sea. 

$850,000 jury verdict
for the head cook on a fish processor who developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS/RSD) after she slipped on an unsafe galley floor. Magnussen v. YAK, Inc., 73 F.3d 245, 246 (9th Cir. 1996).

$522,000 verdict in a complex case under the Death on the High Seas Act on behalf of the family of a cannery worker who died as a result of negligence on the F/T Enterprise 

Maritime law has evolved over centuries and is different in numerous ways from state and federal “land law.” Some of the laws were intended to give those injured or killed at sea better protection and recourse than they would have on land. However, in other respects, maritime law is marked by arbitrary hazards and traps for the unwary.

As cruise ships are becoming more popular than ever, passenger injuries and deaths are too often in the news. Some are the result of the Line’s negligence, or due to negligence of their “excursion” sub-contractors. These deaths can be particularly tragic to surviving family members, and the cases can be complex. 

Wrongful death claims in maritime law have widely varying rules depending on the location of the incident, the decedent’s job or purpose for being onboard, and the nature and number of his or her heirs. If you have lost a loved one in a maritime accident, Corrie Yackulic has the experience necessary to negotiate or litigate a maritime wrongful death claim.

If you or a family member has been injured or died in an accident at sea, contact a law firm experienced in maritime claims. Corrie Yackulic Law offers a free initial consultation and case evaluation.